I. Individual Award

The Organizing Committee recognizes the competition results of the runners and submits them to the competent authorities for rewards as follows: 

– Awarding medals to runners who participate and complete the distance within the allotted time;

– Awarding official prizes to all male and female athletes who register to compete 4 people actively achieve First, Second, and Third (regardless of participants) specifically as follows:

– For athletes 42 km, The Organizing Committee recognizes the results and rewards the individual (Male/Female) who achieves the best in the award "Conquer Cao Lanh Bridge". The form of confirmation of results is calculated by a chip that calculates the time when the athlete completes the track (BTC places timed mats at both ends of the bridge). Specific awards are as follows:

* Female bridge conquerors get the best results Cúp + 2,000,000 vnđ

* Men conquer the bridge with the best achievement: Cup + 2,000,000 VND

Note: Athletes must complete the 42km distance in the allotted time to receive the prize. 

II. Team/Club Award 

For athletes 21 km and 42 km, The Organizing Committee rewards the collective – Team Club, Group by registration form from 20 members or more and in the group with 2 or more female participants. The form of confirmation is calculated by the average of the 10 best runners, including 2 female members. Rewards include:

– Group distance 21 km: 16,000,000 VND

* First Prize: Cup + 8,000,000 VND;

* Second Prize:   Cup +  5,000,000 VND;

* Third Prize: Cup + 3,000,000 VND.

– Group distance 42 km: 22,000,000 VND

* First Prize: Cup + 10,000,000 VND;

* Second Prize:   Cup + 7,000,000 VND;

* Third Prize:   Cup + 5,000,000 VND.

III. Award for best achievement by distance

For the distances of 42 km, 21 km and 10 km, the Organizing Committee will reward with trophies and in kind or cash from sponsors for male and female athletes with good achievements according to specific age groups as follows:

Award for best achievement by distance

Age group (18-29)1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ
Age group (30-39)1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ
Age group (40-49)1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ
Age group 50 and up1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ1.000.000 vnđ