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Marathon Dat Sen Hong - Dong Thap 2022

The tournament is directed by the Provincial Party Committee - People's Committee of Dong Thap province with the cooperation organization of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dong Thap province, Nexus Communications Corporation and Ben Thanh General Culture Joint Stock Company. The tournament is expected to attract more than 3,000 domestic and international operators.

Referring to Dong Thap, we will probably think of lotus. This field flower is easy to grow and has a strong vitality, brings an elegant and pure aroma, is present almost everywhere in Vietnam, but lotus in Dong Thap still contains Indian cultural stories. most iconic. A flower that represents awakening, purity, rising from the mud, overcoming difficulties on the road of life, this is also the reason why the Dong Thap Marathon is named Marathon Dat Sen Hong.

The tournament with a mission to spread about people and destinations in the land of Dong Thap - The Land of Sen

Throughout this S-shaped land, lotus is everywhere, this is a flower that is not only easy to grow but also brings a rustic and poetic beauty like the Vietnamese people, is the symbolic flower of Vietnam. Dong Thap is a good land with many favorable natural factors, where there are people who have boundless love for lotus and are determined to make lotus become a feature of the people here, so lotus in Dong Thap The tower has become a trademark. That is the image of the family of a lotus lover, planting lotus to form vast lotus fields, so the economy is also from lotus trees. Now thinking of Dong Thap tourism, people immediately think of this land with images such as eating lotus, drinking lotus, enjoying the taste of lotus, ... This is the unique culinary culture of this lotus land. that can't be found anywhere else. 

The tournament is an event to spread about people and nature in the land of Dong Thap, so that the folk songs about lotus come to many domestic and international friends.



Tournament with the mission of Sports for the community 

In Vietnam today, the running movement is growing rapidly, with running events taking place all over the country and becoming an inspiration for many people to enthusiastically exercise their health, especially in the post-COVID period. 

The mission of the Marathon Dat Sen Hong - Dong Thap 2022 is to create a healthy playground for athletes who love to run, towards becoming a gathering of clubs and teams to exchange, share, experience and compete. Besides, with the cooperation with the organization Operation Smile Viet Nam, the tournament hopes to stimulate the spirit “Sports for the community”

The tournament in the spirit of Propaganda, raising public awareness about climate change through green tourism activities

At present, climate change is a big challenge for countries around the world, affecting all aspects such as economy, politics, diplomacy and global security. Facing the trend of climate change and in the new global context, Dat Sen Hong Marathon - Dong Thap 2022 is held with the aim of contributing to the process of promoting environmental protection activities, raising raise awareness and responsibility of the community in responding to and climate change in our country in general and Dong Thap province in particular.

Marathon Dat Sen Hong - Dong Thap 2022 is a tourism and cultural sport event, aiming to maintain an annual organization to propagate and promote tourism, especially green tourism; creating conditions for tourists to both visit, experience and explore the scenery in Dong Thap province.

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